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FAQs for Employers:

Q: What is iitjobs.com?

A: iitjobs.com is a unique, simple (plug & play) Job portal specific to Information Technology for job seekers and employers with integrated iTATSsm- Talent Acquisition Tracking System.

Q: What is iTATSsm – Talent Acquisition Tracking System?

A: iTATSsm is a web based enterprise-wide candidate tracking system.

Q: What are the key features of iTATSsm?

A: Key features of iTATSsm are tracking of candidates, simple functionality to move resumes from the job board to your company's iTATSsm, add notes, recruiters' portal and many other excellent features.

Q: What is Administrator login?
A: Administrator is the manager with the authority to add, create, delete and change recruiters.

Q: What is Manager’s or Administrator's dashboard?

A: It’s a single view where manager can know how many openings are active, number of candidates hired, number of openings each recruiters are assigned etc.

Q: Whom should I contact for lost password?

A: Please contact support @ iitjobs.com.

Q: Why employer cannot create accounts with free e-mail based system e.g. Hotmail, Yahoo etc?

A: To protect privacy, eliminate fraud, non-abuse of the system etc, access will be given only to legitimate business E-mail accounts.

Q: Why can a company only buy 10 user accounts online?

A: To minimize credit card fraud, we limit online purchase to 10 users only. But if you need to buy more users, please contact support @ iitjobs.com.

Q: Is your online credit card transaction system secured?

A: Yes, its secured and certified by GeoTrust (www.geotrust.com)

Q: Is there alternate payment system than online credit card?

A: Yes, we have bill me later process.

Q: How does bill me later work?

A: First create your account and select number of user accounts you want to purchase. Once you select bill me later while registration, our customer support team member will send you a bill/invoice. Once you fax or e-mail the copy of Bankers Cheque or Demand Draft or Cashier Cheque with FedEx tracking number, your account will get activated.

Q: Where to FedEx the Cheque?

A: Please contact support @ iitjobs.com.

Q: How many days is a single Job Ad valid for?

A: A Job Ad is valid for 30 days. After 30 days you need to refresh the Job Ad to ensure its relevance.

Q: What is unlimited Job Ad in set of 10 per users?

A: If a company has purchased 6 or 12 months subscription, one user can post maximum 10 active Job Ads but can edit / change Job Ad for as many times as user wants to. Once changed/edited, the Job Ad will be valid for next 30 days.

Q: Why can a user post only 10 maximum Job Ads and not more?

A:  Even if single recruiter has 10 Jobs to fill in 24 hours, it’s too many – you need help!

Q: How can company integrate and make its career web page dynamic?

A: Companies can seamlessly integrate iitjobs.com portal with their career page.

Q: Will active Job Ads shown in iitjobs.com portal be also available on company’s career web page?
A: Yes, when an active Job Ad is posted, its shown both in iitjobs.com portal as well as company�s career web page.

Q: How does Internal and Confidential Job Ad functionality work in iTATSsm
A: Companies can post unlimited Internal and Confidential Job Ads at no extra cost and they all will be seen in their iTATSsm system but not on iitjobs.com portal. These Job Ads will be valid only for 30 days.

Q: We have large resume database in other applications. Can our company transfer them in iTATSsm
A: Absolutely. Please contact our team member or e-mail support @ iitjobs.com

Q: How is your search different than other Job boards?

A: We have implemented ‘Tag’ based search technology for ‘bulls eye" search.

Q: What is spam block and filters?

A: We have not provided ‘job cart’ to candidates, thus they just cannot mass e-mail and apply to job posts without understanding the requirements of the job. They have to individually apply to Job Ads which indicates quality and serious job seekers.

Q: Can candidate reapply to same Job Ad?

A: No, a candidate can only apply once for a given Job Ad.

Q: How many prescreening questions are available?

A: A Job Ad can contain maximum of 5 questions for prescreening.

Q: Can recruiter save Job Ads, e-mail campaign and response templates?

A: Absolutely, save as many as you can.

Q: Is there a quick functionality to send e-mail to contact a candidate?

A: Yes, once you have saved a template its only one click!

Q: Can we track referrals?

A: Yes, and they are ‘Tagged’ so that it shows up first in your dashboard.

Q: What’s your portal reliability?

A: Our portal is hosted in USA on Dual Xeon servers for high speed and 99.999% uptime.

Q: What is your price structure?

A:  Simple and global pricing:

Per User:

  • 30 days free trial
  • USD$30 per user for 30 days Job Ads (unlimited edits) and free iTATSsm
  • USD$250 per user for 180 days Job Ads (unlimited edits) and free iTATSsm
  • USD$350 per user for 365 days Job Ads (unlimited edits) and free iTATSsm

Q: Why is there no large candidate database on iitjobs.com portal?

A: We just started on March 14 2006 with your support; we will have large global talent.
If you are not able to find answer to your question please e mail us at support @ iitjobs.com

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FAQs for Job Seekers:

Q: Why should I use iitjobs.com?

A: To make your resume accessible to global employers, Information Technology specific job portal and unique tracking system –iPACTSsm.

Q: What is iPACTSsm?

A: iPACTSsm is Personalized Applicant Career Tracking System, which empowers you with your own career portal, address book, attachments, Job application tracking and many more excellent functionalities.

Q: What is unique about IT specific Job Portal?

A: Firstly iitjobs.com is IT specific Job Portal, so your resume does not get burried by non IT resumes. Secondly, our ‘Tag’ based search technology ensures employers find your resume easily.

Q: What choices does a Job Seeker have while creating his/her profile?

A:  You can select any one of the 3 categories:

  • Active - Indicates that you are available for job and want employers to be able to find your resume. Employers will see your contact details. You will receive Job alerts in iPACTSsm and in your primary registered e-mail id.

  • Confidential - Indicates that you are available for job and want employers to be able to find your resume. Employers will NOT see your contact details. You will receive Job alerts in iPACTSsm and in your primary registered e-mail id.

  • Passive - Indicates that you are not seeking job actively but open for right opportunity. Employers will able to view your resume. Employers will NOT see your contact details. You will receive Job alert only in iPACTSsm and NOT to your primary registered e-mail id.

Q: Why should the Job Seeker frequently check iPACTSsm?

A: Many recruiters do mass e-mails and your primary registered e-mail id might put important job offer e-mails in your spam/junk folder but with iPACTSsm you are ensured that you do not miss any e-mails from prospective employers.

Q: What is Global resume access database?

A: Many large job portals do not give resume access to other regions and employers have to spend large amounts to have multiple regions access. Our portal gives your resume a global access, which will maximize your chances of finding good jobs.

Q: What if I forget my registered password?

A: Click on the link 'Forgot Password?' present on the home page and enter your E-mail ID used while registration. Password will be sent to this E-mail ID only.

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