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iitjobs features for Employers
iitjobs features for Employers

Information Technology specific global career portal

Job Advertisement Distribution and Publishing

Our Job advertisements can be targeted for local to global reach, depending on your recruiting strategy. Recruiters can advertise same job advertisement in multiple cities / countries to attract talent globally and build global brand for your company. Every single job advertisement is published to several vertical jobs search engines which cater to specific areas. Below is the short list of continuously growing vertical search engines iitjobs is partnering with:


Job Location: USA

Job Location: Canada

Job Location: India

Job Location: Asia Pacific Australia Countries

Job Location: UK

These vertical job search engines get over a million candidates visiting their site every day. Other companies charge you an arm and leg to publish your job advertisements to these job search verticals – but at iitjobs it’s a Free service for all our clients!


Not just that, our special technology publishes all your jobs advertisements in major search engines like Google, Msn, Yahoo so that your job advertisements attract the most eyeballs to get quicker turnaround for your requirements. So be creative, build your pipeline of candidates by using power of iitjobs job advertisement global distribution. Every recruiter gets 10 job advertisements with unlimited edits and can publish the job advertisements globally. So make use of this opportunity, maximize your job posting on iitjobs and attract the talent you seek.

IT Specific Candidates
 iitjobs offers open Global Information Technology specific resume database. We at iitjobs have taken extreme care to ensure that recruiters do not have to deal with mounds of resumes from unqualified candidates.

  • Being an IT specific job board you can expect candidate resumes that meet your needs.
  • We allow you to publish a list of questions that each candidate needs to fill in which will allow you ask pre-screening questions to filter out invalid applications.
  • Candidates are only allowed to apply to a job advertisement once so that you are not spammed with reapplications.
  • We do not blast resume nor give recruiters e-mail ids to candidates. We encourage you to not post your e-mail id’s in the job advertisements so that your email id is not spammed. When a candidate applies we will be sending you an e-mail notification with the full candidate details.
  • We do not have ‘job cart’ function given to candidates where they just randomly select job openings and apply without even reading the requirements. With iitjobs all candidates have to read through the job advertisement before applying to ensure that they meet your requirements.

Seamlessly integrate your career page with iitjobs
Statistics indicate that about 70% of the candidates visit your company’s career page on viewing your advertisement on various job boards, newspapers, magazines etc. If the same postings do not reflect on the career page, the candidates have no place to apply and they tend to shy away from applying to generic mail ids like hr @ yourcompanysite.com or career @ yourcompanysite.com. More over these generic e mail ids attract more junk e-mails from spammers than actual applicants. Thus it becomes imperative for technology companies like yours to have a simple real time live career page which reflects all the currently open positions without involvement of your IT. iitjobs can seamlessly integrate your career web page to display all your current opening on your corporate website. Negligible IT efforts are required to integrate with iitjobs. We have a dedicated IT team to assist you integrate your career page with your corporate web site. Once integrated this feature is a no maintenance options where all the live job advertisements made by your company recruiters will appear in real time on your company web site. Feel free to ask our sales representatives to give you a demo of how this integration works.

Free Web based Built in iTATSsm – Talent Acquisition Tracking System (Applicant Tracking System – ATS):
iitjobs iTATSsm is a company wide, multi-user, Web based, user friendly -Applicant Tracking System – ATS. We allow collaboration amongst various recruiters of the company working to fulfill positions to increasing the efficiency of your team.


Key highlights of iitjobs iTATSsm:
  • In one click move resumes from iitjobs open database to your secured company resume database.
  • Unlimited Web based company-wide hosted resume database with powerful search options.
  • Secured ownership of resumes.
  • Mass e-mail feature to enable campaigning within your target group of candidates. Campaign e-mails are sent to the candidates e-mail as well as it is saved in the candidates iPACTSsm Portal so even if the e-mail is delivered to the candidates junk box its still viewable in his personal portal.
  • Easy resume migration from .pst (MS outlook), Access DB, web based or from any format into web hosted resume database.
  • Dashboard view for management and customized reports.
  • iTATSsm can be configured or customized based on your company requirements.

Please feel free to send your suggestions to our team at iitjobs. Feel free to ask our sales representatives to give you a detailed demonstration of our system.

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iitjobs features for Candidates

iitjobs features for Candidates

Powerful, Fast and Easy to Use
Our team at iitjobs realizes your potential and we have built specific tools which will help you search, apply and secure a job with ease. Advanced functionality like one click application, targeted advance search, saved search, tracked conversations with companies etc. have been built keeping the candidates best interest in mind. When you apply on line at iitjobs.com your resume goes directly to the hiring manager of the respective company rather than ending up in a black hole where you are not aware if your application was received by the company. We will also show you a report when the recruiter has viewed your application so that you have instant feedback with regards to your application.

Any time a recruiter contacts you via iitjobs an e-mail notification is sent to your e-mail but at the same time we also save that conversation in your personal iPACTSsm portal so that you lose no opportunity since the recruiters email landed in your junk e-mail. we recommend that you check your iPACTSsm portal regularly to check for new offers sent by recruiters and to update your resume to match your latest skill set.

Easily create your profile at iitjobs either by using our simple candidate registration form or by emailing us your resume at submitresume @ iitjobs.com, and our team shall create your profile on iitjobs within 24 hours and an auto email will be generated to intimate you and verify your email id to protect your privacy. (Do check you junk/spam folder if you do not receive a confirmation in your inbox or contact us again.)

Note: It is important that you fill up all the fields related to your skills and years of experience. Our tag based search engine is tuned to display candidates with most skills first to the recruiters. So please ensure that you provide relevant information about yourself to enable quicker placements. The following fields must be provided to ensure that you get a job quickly:

  • Select your profile – Active, Confidential or passive.
  • Country of citizen, current residence and number of countries you have work authorization with.
  • Number of years of IT experience.
  • Complete resume. When putting your resume do not put your personal information since that is being already collected separately.

iPACTSsm - Internet Personalized Applicant Career Tracking System
Your own portal – iPACTSsm at iitjobs helps you to track conversations with recruiters, search and apply to new jobs, get instant reports on your applications, maintain an address book of recruiters, invite your friends and a lot more. Designed and personalized just for you, to help you search, apply and secure the right job.

Confidential / Passive Profile Options
iitjobs understands your confidentiality and privacy needs. We provide the following 3 modes for your resume and switch between them any time you wish.

Active: Active mode indicates you are actively looking for better job opportunities. Your name, e-mail id, phone number and resume will be visible to all recruiters. Recruiters can contact you via iPACTSsm or send you an direct email to get more details from you.

Confidential: Confidential mode indicates that you are actively seeking for opportunity but you do not want to share your personal information to all recruiters. In this mode the recruiters will not be able view your personal information and contact details like your name , email-id, phone number etc. They will only be able to see your skills and resume. Be sure to ensure that your resume contains no personal information about you. A recruiter who likes your resume can contact you via iPACTSsm and we will send an e-mail notification to you. But your direct e-mail address will not be provided to the recruiter. If you like the offer you can carry further the conversation with the recruiter via iPACTSsm without revealing your identity.

Passive: Passive mode indicates that you are not actively seeking for opportunity but open to recruiters contacting you just in case there is a perfect opportunity for you. In this mode the recruiters will not be able view your personal information and contact details like your name , email-id, phone number etc. They will only be able to see your skills and resume. Be sure to ensure that your resume contains no personal information about you. A recruiter who likes your resume can contact you via iPACTSsm. No e-mail notifications will be sent to disturb you. You should check your iPACTSsm regularly for new offers and respond to the recruiter via iPACTSsm to preserve your identity

In coming months we would be adding several new features to improve your job seeking experience. Please feel free to send your suggestions. Team iitjobs thanks you for your support.

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